Brandon Knight

About Brandon:

Brandon is 19 years old, a full-time student and the elder brother of a young man with profound life challenges.

What did STAND FOR do for Brandon and his family?

Brandon was looking for a job but couldn’t find anything in his local area and his job search was limited due to his inability to travel without a car. Brandon’s Mum had recently had two operations and was dealing with anxiety and panic attacks which had impacted her driving confidence. Brandon’s brother Harley, is immobile, non-verbal, has complex needs and for whom his mum is a full-time carer, which made Brandon want to support her as much as possible. Stand For paid for Brandon’s driving lessons and enabled him to take and pass his theory and practical driving tests. Thereafter, Stand For provided Brandon with a fully insured car that allowed him to support the family more effectively.

What was the outcome?

Brandon is now in part-time employment, as well as being a full-time student and he is able to provide his mum and brother with transport help when his mum is up to her eyes in daily life with Harley. The non-stop pressure has been reduced for his mum and allowed Brandon to have his own independence too!  

What does STAND FOR mean to you?

“Growing up with a younger brother who needs so much care and support is a challenge that I’ve always been delighted to respond to,” said Brandon, “but sometimes, having an organisation like Stand For, that gives you a real helping hand, makes the whole situation that much easier.”

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