Sally Nightingale

About Danny

Danny Nightingale was a long serving member of the army, most recently in the Special Forces. He operated in the most dangerous of conflicts and theatres, which was always a challenge for the whole family. Not as much of a challenge however, as when Danny was wrongly court-martialled and imprisoned, for an offence he didn’t commit. It was just before Christmas 2012 and with no income, Sally, Danny’s wife and their two young girls, faced being evicted from their home.

What did STAND FOR do for Danny, Sally and the girls?

“STAND FOR stepped in to help us in our hour of need,” said Danny, “we had been let down by a lot of people who didn’t want to offer support and felt that the entire system was against us. STAND FOR provided some short term assistance to ensure that we could keep paying the mortgage and even though I wouldn’t be home for Christmas, there would still be a home!”

What was the outcome?

“After Sally led an amazing campaign to highlight the injustice of my case,” said Danny, “I was released from army detention and did in fact get to spend Christmas at home, with our daughters. We had a huge amount of support from members of the public, but when we were looking at potentially losing our house, STAND FOR was there for the whole family.”

Describe what STAND FOR means to you.

“Sally was looking after the girls, heading up the campaign and still running the house, whilst I was in detention at Colchester. STAND FOR restored her faith in humanity when they offered their support. That help was truly amazing,” said Danny, “and the genuine care and empathy provided, was certainly a key factor in keeping our family from falling into a very dark place.”

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