Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility


Our  corporate social responsibility scheme (CSR) is a way for businesses to ‘give back’ and we would like you to get involved and help make a positive and beneficial impact on the young people in our community.

CSR initiatives within many organisations are often afforded more lip service than hard action. There is often a complete disconnect between staff – organisation – beneficiary and we believe that all of us respond better when we are closer, in every way, to the recipient of our help.  So STAND FOR‘s CSR scheme has been designed to specifically address that lack of connection and alignment, whilst providing staff with a direct feeling of well being and pride for the young people they have chosen to help.

How it works.


It is important for companies to be able to share with stakeholders internally and externally, their successful commitment to CSR.

For each case we take on, businesses will be able to buy an element of the support package which is required to help each young person.  Your company will then feature on our website and STAND FOR will produce reports to show how your business has helped support young people.

This CSR scheme is a unique concept and demonstrates the positive impact staff and organisations working together can have in helping support young people’s health in the UK.

If you would like more information from STAND FOR about how your company can help support a young person and help them achieve their potential, using our CSR scheme, please email

You can help us take action.


  • Follow us on social media
  • Your workplace can help support us financially by being directly involved and engaging with our CSR Scheme.  All your fundraising activities will go directly towards supporting the young person which your business has selected to help.  In return, you and your colleagues will receive:
  • Monthly updates on the individual you are helping
  • The ability to communicate with that young person directly
  • The chance to contribute opinions on our interventions and offer new ideas
  • A quarterly STAND FOR review of what we’ve all done and for whom
  •  “Fast track” access to suggest beneficiaries of STAND FOR support, via the monthly young person review meeting.
  • In the future, the opportunity to volunteer to work in the STAND FOR office, and contribute directly to the day to day support of young people.

Take Action

We encourage you to ask yourself what you can do as an individual to support us.

Please get involved and spread the word about what STAND FOR does, the young people we have helped and the companies dedicated to creating change by supporting our work using our CSR Scheme.

You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Please make sure you use #STANDFOR on all your tweets, and for more information please get in touch using the contact form below.