Howard Wicks

About Howard

Howard suffered a massive brain stem stroke in October 2011 and was left only being able to move his eyelids.

What did STAND FOR do for Howard?

It was clear to everyone that Howard needed to get back to his home town and be close to family and friends”, said Howard’s mum Jo, “STAND FOR supported the family in their battle with the local authority to enable that move to happen. Neil’s initial focus was to develop a plan that gave Howard hope.  If you can only move your eyelids, not communicate and are lying flat on a bed for most of the day, it feels like a hopeless place.”

What was the outcome?

“STAND FOR purchased a property in Howard’s home town of Kingsbridge so that it could be converted to fit his unique requirements and house him and his 24/7 care team,” said Jo, “Howard now lives in a beautiful, fully adapted home of his own, in a place where he wants to be, near to his family and friends.

STAND FOR also established a new trust for Howard and purchased a special electrical impulse exercise machine, along with a new high tech standing frame which has allowed Howard to stand for large portions of the day. In addition to this, the Trust  has purchased equipment such as an eye gaze computer, which allows Howard to communicate independently, transforming his life.”

Describe what STAND FOR means to you?

Jo said: “It has been very hard, and things have been incredibly tough, but there are some awesome people in this world, and we have been fortunate enough to have STAND FOR step into our lives. There are no words really, but perhaps the best way to think about it, is that STAND FOR, the Trust it established, and in turn the local community, have given Howard another chance!”


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